Faroese as a Second Language for newcomers and new speakers – autumn course 2023.

The course will cover spoken and written Faroese and will also serve as an introduction to the Faroese society and culture.

The length of the course is eleven weeks with compulsory attendance. Classes will take place on regular weekdays from 8:30 to 11:25 AM at Kambsdal College and will begin at the beginning of September and end at the beginning of December 2023.

The course is organised in accordance with the CEFR scale, and the level of the course is FSA 2.2. The course will end with an exam after which each student receives either a certificate for a module test, which gives access to further studies in Faroese as a Second Language, or a formalised diploma supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Culture, which is applicable for upper secondary studies.

The requirement for this course is either having completed FSA 2.1 or having equivalent skills and knowledge. Applicants will be invited to an interview to assess language skills and admission will depend on this interview.

For further information, contact Óli Wolles, Head of Education at Kambsdal College. Phone +298 610800 or Email olw@kambsdalur.fo

Deadline for application is Wednesday 23 August 2023.

The application form is available here: FSA 2.2 application