Faroese as a second language in Kambsdal College


As a new educational opportunity, Faroese as a Second Language for newcomers and newspeakers will be offered in the northeastern part of the Faroes Islands.

The application form will be available on this webpage on Tuesday, October 4.Apply here

The course will cover spoken and written Faroese and will also serve as an introduction to the Faroese society and culture.

The length of the course is 15 weeks with compulsory attendance. Classes take place on all regular weekdays with four-hour sessions at Kambsdal College beginning October 31and ending in May 2023.

The course ends with an exam and each student receives either a certificate for a module test, which gives access to further studies in Faroese as a Second Language, or a formalized diploma supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Culture, which is applicable for upper secondary studies.

The course is organized in accordance with the CEFR scale, and students are screened for prior language skills before classes begin.

For further information, contact Óli Wolles, Head of Education at Kambsdal College, via phone +298 610800 or email olw@kambsdalur.fo.